Getting the body you want and love

I believe that everyone should be able to experience the same fast results, the amazing feeling and the elevated energy levels that result from it. That’s why I have dedicated my life to delivering the best content and proven ways for getting the body you want and love, enjoying every step of the way – which in my opinion means:

Enjoying life by living healthily & eating deliciously – every day of the week!


Proven methods for your benefit

Incorporating the latest findings in healthy and delicious food, training methods as well as continuing professional development are my highest priority – to deliver the best, quickest and healthiest results for you!

Functional training, bodyweight workouts, foam rolling, high intensity interval training and many more are the basis for my fitness program and personal training.

Delicious, slow-carb, plant-based, organic foods rich in fiber, natural nutrients, plant proteins and healthy fats are my suggested diet for a healthy, long and happy life – no matter what your goals are.


For any inquiries on

  • how to eat and enjoy
  • how to schedule your diet
  • how to train and stay motivated
  • personal training sessions in Munich (with your dog)
  • personal training with your dog

feel free to call or write anytime!

You can reach me at 

  • +49 (0) 89 / 45 47 47 45

Dedication to a healthy life

I have dedicated this page to delivering the best content and tips about living healthily and deliciously.

There is lots and lots of information out there, and a lot of buzzwords: Macro nutrients and calories – superfoods and antioxidants – sugar, insulin and fat – metabolic rates and weight loss – and on and on…

It might seem overwhelming at times – but over the years I have found a way to balance it all:

  • incorporate what’s healthy into my life
  • realize that I actually never miss the unhealthy stuff
  • have fun doing lots of sports without running marathons

and, above all, stay healthy and radiant.

RockYourBody goals

My goal is to make all the important stuff available on this page, leave out the not so important, and provide you with little tips and tricks here and there.

And if there’s just ONE idea that you can take with you, apply it in your life and get on track to rocking your body – I have succeeded!