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Welcome to RockYourBody360. I am Marcus Abenthum – and my greatest passions are

  • delicious & healthy food
  • effective & fun workouts
  • combining the two so that feeling good comes naturally

As is the case for most people, good food and regular exercise haven’t been self-evident for me from day one. So I know how difficult it can be to make them a habit!

That’s why I’ve made it my goal to make it easy for everyone – and compress everything I’ve learned over the years into this website.

My Mission

Making the essentials of nutrition, fitness and health accessible for everyone – and thus helping to find the pleasure in healthy eating and sports – so that they can become parts of our daily lives and routines. For all those who want a body they love!

All you need is to focus on two things: Proper nutrition – and moderate motivating workouts

Get a body that rocks

The problems with living a healthy life today

We all want a to feel good in our bodies – because feeling good, healthy and full of positive energy is the source of our happiness! And we all know the absolute and most important basis for that: Healthy food and the right amount of exercise!

That’s why RockYourBody is all about YOU – finding and applying the information that is relevant for getting and maintaining a healthy diet, fun exercise and a body that rocks – all the while keeping it simple:

  • 70% is eating right
  • 30% is proper training

Therefore, I will focus on a few very easy rules on

  • Healthy, yet delicious food
  • Easy, consistent and enjoyable training (even if that may be hard to imagine right now)
  • Managing other important areas of your life that contribute to your well-being, e.g.
    • sleeping well
    • staying healthy with natural medicine
    • keeping your body flexible and moving with ease
    • avoiding vaccinations
    • using natural, chemical-free body care products


Getting started

No matter what stage of your quest for health you are currently at – whether you are just starting out with taking care of your body… you are already paying attention to healthy food… or you are working out regularly…

…to take the first step to improving your life even more

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Why is RockYourBody for you?

See if you can find yourself in one (or some) of these reasons

  • You want to lose weight
  • You want to burn body fat
  • You’ve been overweight for far too long
  • You have been open to the idea of dieting for some time – but find diets too hard to follow
  • Whenever you managed to lose weight, you gained it all back sooner or later
  • You have started diets, but as soon as you cheated or ate non-diet-conforming foods, you would give up
  • You want to improve your athletic performance
  • You want to be stronger or work out harder
  • You just want to be fit and feel good
  • You want to eat healthy and enjoy your meals
  • You want more energy and not to be tired during the day
  • You want to stop being tired and instead feel amazing
  • You are fed up with slim shakes and weight-loss drinks
  • You have realized that diets don’t work if they aren’t enjoyable
  • You don’t believe in synthetic supplements, vitamins or amino acids
  • You believe in natural food and nutrients

Do any of those sound familiar? Then you are not alone. Many of my clients, and people all around the world, have experienced phases very similar to what you might have lived through.

And the good thing is – many of them have already turned their lives around. So you can do it too! Welcome to your new life.


Enjoy food, lose weight, get fit – it really IS that simple

  • You love food and eating delicious stuff – and at the same time want to lose a few pounds, burn excess fat and shape your body?
  • You want to live healthily – and at the same time have fun, not having to abstain from everything that tastes good, and be fit… from time to time enjoy yourself, indulge and relax… and above everything: All this without a guilty conscience?
  • You are looking for easy, tasty meals that you can prepare in just a few minutes and eat with a good feeling? Trusting that you’re on the right track and a small indulgence here or there doesn’t throw you off your game – but, on the contrary, brings you closer to our goal of feeling really good in your body?
  • You want to enjoy life and at the same time have a body you love?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

This is exactly what I want for my life – and as I’ve discovered it can be so easy to do, I want to share my experiences with you.

On the following pages, you will find

  • easy, healthy and tasty recipes
  • training schedules and nutrition plans
  • and workout videos and other tips

that anyone can implement immediately and easily.

RockYourBody Inspiration

The things we do…

I started out on my quest to make the best of my own body a long time go – by spending months, even years, on trying almost everything related to nutrition and sports that was hip and new:

  • I ran every second day and for at least 40 minutes – because I had heard the “fat burner” wouldn’t kick in until after the first 30 mins had passed
  • I spent every other day at the gym, doing lots of reps on lots of machines – because I thought that this would burn even more fat and grow my muscles at the same time
  • I drank whey and soy protein shakes, some tasting ok, some not so much – because I had read that those were the best available and necessary to provide muscles with the most protein possible, especially after workouts
  • I ate lots of carbs after workouts, not paying attention to whether they were healthy or not – because my trainer had said that I needed to fill up my carb storage to grow my muscles
  • I had protein bars in my gym bag that I always consumed right after training – without knowing that they also contained lots of sugar and/or lots of artificial sweeteners, plus citric acid and other potentially harmful ingredients and additives

What I’m trying to say here is: The problem with all of this, no matter how hard you try: It CAN change some things, yes – but in my case it rather led to extremely unhealthy nutrition and dangerous side effects… and still did not result in the improvements in my body, my health and my well-being that I was looking for.

Trying the diets

I also read and heard about all kinds of “fitness diets”. You can find lots and lots of information about (supposedly) “the best dieting method”:

Macro nutrients, micro nutrients, sugar, insulin and glycogen, high carb, low carb, high fat, low fat, weight loss, weight gain, metabolic rates, supplements, superfoods, the list goes and on and on…

But if you want to try them all, you will probably need as many years as I needed – to eventually find out that actually there is no golden pill.

There is a way though to incorporate the best findings of the most successful approaches into one:

The RockYourBody Philosophy

Only after years of research have I found a way to balance all this (sometimes conflicting) information about nutrition and sports – and incorporate the healthy (and sensible) parts into my life.

I LOVE delicious food that is also healthy – because you can eat such a whole lot of it without feeling guilty. And, over time, I found real joy in working out. Now I actually have fun doing lots of sports – without running marathons, and, above all, while staying healthy and radiant.

My goal is to pack all the important stuff into this page, leave out the not-so-important, and provide you with a few small tricks here and there.

And if there’s just one idea that you can take with you, apply it in your life and get on track to loving your body – my goal has been achieved.