Personal Training Munich

Motivation and progress – with personal training

Personal Training gives us a way to overcome our weaker self, to learn new ways of exercising, get motivated, improve our movements and training methods, and many more benefits.

The key to working out in a beneficial way and improving our bodies is not going to the gym 7 days a week or forcing ourselves to run marathons…

It is regular, well-planned, fun, short and motivating training sessions – that fit well into our daily lives and schedules.

And that is EXACTLY what I am offering you with RockYourBody.


Whatever your goal, whether it’s…

  • losing weight
  • burning body fat
  • more mobility and flexibility
  • building strength
  • being pain-free
  • etc.

… for an effective training you don’t need marathon workouts. You need to enjoy it.

The most important thing about great training is that

  • it’s fun and motivating
  • it doesn’t take more time than you can invest regularly – and fits your schedule
  • success becomes visible quickly
  • many small, achievable steps combined result in helping you reach your goals

That’s how long-term motivation is created – and your body changes in the way that you desire. This doesn’t only affect your outer appearance positively, but also your health, well-being, self-confidence, inner peace – and much more…

Achieving this for you is my goal – and in the process imparting my knowledge from decades of engagement with healthy nutrition and goal-oriented training.

Personal Training with RockYourBody

My training not only includes physical aspects – but always takes into consideration every aspect of the trainee, way of life, food and nutrition, intuition and inner strength, and other environmental factors.

This is how a holistic picture and the basis for a positive development can be formed.

The RockYourBody training therefore is not based on any single method or form of training – but includes and incorporates many positive and proven aspects from (among others) the following areas:

Outdoor Personal Training in the English Garden

Working out in nature is often the most enjoyable form of training – no matter whether it’s in the morning sun, during a warm summer drizzle or in the early evening, tuning out after a busy day.

Fresh air, lots of oxygen and daylight are only a few factors that contribute to the many positive effetcs.

That is why you can always book training sessions in the English Garden or other parks in Munich and along the Isar.

Personal Training at your home

For all those of you who prefer working out in a park that’s close to your home or in your home gym: Everything is possible or will be arranged. The most important factor is to look forward to the training, be able to relax and at the same time benefit fully from every moment – without stress, time pressure or unnecessary effort.

Eliminating all external resistance is an equally important task I have to fulfill as a trainer, as the training itself. That’s why my motto is: I find solutions & make it happen – for your benefit!

Personal Training with your dog

For all of us who have dogs and like training outdoors – one type of workout is ideal: Together with our dogs in the park.

Not only do our dogs leave us without any alternative to take walks, as they need the exercise several times a day – but from experience the motivation to work out increases by a lot when our dogs are accompanying us.

That’s exactly what I want to make possible – which is why naturally every client can bring their dog(s) to train outdoors.

Dogs love working out – we love working out. It’s a perfect match!